Goats at Work in Pittsburgh

Eating the invasive unwanted plants. Goats in Highland Park near the dog park. Thank you for the heads up, dear friend and blog follower, Tookie!

Layla the Goat Chewing

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Do You Grill?

It can be a noun and a verb. Summer seems to be Grill season although I know people who Grill year round. Even in the snow.

I don’t own a grill but when I saw this Grill display I thought it could be a blog post.

If you answer yes, what do you like to grill?

Do you grill?

The Rose of Sharon is Now Unfurled *

Rose of Sharon is NOW unfurled* see below

Thanks to a comment by Yvette of Priorhouse blog I looked up Rose of Sharon in Grapes of Wrath click to read of the symbolism of her name and character. It’s been a long time since I read it.

I’d mentioned the Bible reference before from the Song of Solomon

*I’d posted a Rose of Sharon blossom recently and declared it unfurled but it was truly furled and had only become unfurled now . “transitive verb. : to release from a furled state. intransitive verb. : to open out from or as if from a furled state : unfold.”

I was incorrect although I haven’t edited the post. Yet.

My Tomato Harvest this Season

Who knew that deer would come in the night and eat the tomato plants. They missed one. I picked it today. I got one yesterday, too.

But you couldn’t tell it was a cherry tomato by the photo. So I added the nickel today. My friend said she’d come over with her canning equipment.

Todays harvest
Thursday’s Harvest