Before They Get to the Store

Huge nets to keep HoneyCrisp safe from birds who like to peck the sweet flesh.  Rolls and rolls of Mylar to help the organic Gala apples turn red all over. Planting. Elaborate irrigation. Grafting. Fertilization. Some sprayed with calcium. Insecticide. The organic ones sprayed with fish oil.  Thinning- to space the apples out so they get a certain size.  After the harvest,they go to the packing sheds. They are sorted. Machines with light sensors separate them by color for different grades.  The apples need to be put into trays. packed following International Rules for Sanitation. Boxed Cold storage. Shipped to the store. We buy them . Eat them. 3 images of apples.

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6 thoughts on “Before They Get to the Store

  1. oh my gosh de ja vu – many many years ago – working in israel i spent hours in the field sewing burlap to make tents like that to protect plants from the sun

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