Learning To Shoot Star Trails

Here is the photograph AFTER the second round of advice on how to shoot the stars.  And their trails as the earth moves.  I was able to hold down the shutter for 260 seconds @ f4 stop and 400 ISO.If you  look at the yoga studio you can see that there was very little camera shake, even though I traveled without my cable release or tripod.  Next time I will be better prepared. My photography colleague sent me an amazing link if you want to see amazing star trails. Click this link.   I am back in Pittsburgh but wanted to post one more Okanogan photograph.

Saw three shooting stars but these star trails fascinate me. Next time!!!!

8 thoughts on “Learning To Shoot Star Trails

  1. I have truly never seen anything like that in our stars and sky in Indiana! How beautiful!

  2. You are one amazing photographer, Ruth! I so love my ‘daly dose’ of life through your lens. Thank you!

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