All That Djazz – Great Gyspy Jazz at Twisp River Pub. WA

Gershwin, Djazz, All of Me, Black Orpheus to name a few....Sitting along the Twisp River, enjoying the 3 hours of music without a single break.

Mary, David and I enjoyed three hours of  music.   Final night in WA we drove up to Twisp River Pub.  There was a guest clarinet, Wayne Mendro.  John Weeks on the violin. Dick White on guitar arranges everything.  Mike Lundstrom on dobro and singing. Ron Clark on the bass and a guitar tonight.

Here is what I found at their website. …  “All That Djazz” is a Gypsy Jazz quartet based in North Central Washington state with a repertoire comparable to that of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, the guitarist and violinist who formed the legendary “Quintet of the Hot Club of France” in 1934.  The “Quintet of the Hot Club of France” is considered by many jazz historians to be the best jazz ensemble of all time.  Django Reinhardt was certainly the most renowned jazz guitarist of his day.  “All That Djazz” pays homage to their hero and mentor Django in the spelling of Djazz.”  quote from the website for All That Djazz (click)

The light on the right is an old beer keg.  Note the hops growing behind the band.

6 thoughts on “All That Djazz – Great Gyspy Jazz at Twisp River Pub. WA

  1. I probably have about 12-15 Stephane Grappelli “records!” and casettes …… heard him live several times in 80ties! Wonderful to know that there’s a group “carrying on” a la Django and Grappelli.
    Welcome back home, Ruth and thanks for so much “local color” from OK…. WA!!! Love E

  2. Welcome home Ruth!!! Enjoy your weekend and I will be thinking of you on Monday!!!! Sounds and looks like you had a great summer!!

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