Remembering Joyce Brengarth Singh,Ph.D -“Farmgirl at heart.”

Professor, Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend.  Joyce grew up on a honey bee farm in Boonville Missouri.   These jars of honey were photographed at night in Croatia and are posted as a tribute and celebration of her life. Photographed in the town on Cres on Cres Island when I visited Matthew two summers ago. Joyce and her husband Bunt (Dr. Singh as well) were loving parents to both Mark and Matthew during their high school years and beyond. Thank you.  Click here for newspaper article about Joyce’s life.  After Monday’s funeral, her husband and sons, Prem and Davinder, will accompany her to her final rest in a family plot in Missouri. Mass of Christian Burial is Monday(today) at 10AM St Bede’s.  Newspaper article is from Sunday.

Jars of honey to remember Joyce B. Singh growing up on a honey farm.
Pollinators are so important. Jars of honey to remember Joyce B Singh.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Joyce Brengarth Singh,Ph.D -“Farmgirl at heart.”

  1. Good friends know how to make people smile during the most difficult times. I love the picture, but what I love more is the joy I am sure you have brought to your friends family with this tribute.

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