9 thoughts on “Seeking Sunlight

  1. A little petunia sprouted right outside my office. One of the girls in the office dug it out and planted it a pot. We had flowers all winter long in the office.

  2. Yes, the picture definitely says a lot! I don’t know – somehow I think it gives the idea that ANYTHING is possible! And – if you want it bad enough, it will happen!

  3. grandpa used to say it would only take 50 years or so for nature to take back over if we let her. this picture seems to suggest that he was right.

  4. Lovely. That spot of light, the determination of the small seed probably dropped by a bird(I think it’s a choke cherry tree). A message to “bloom where we’re planted”…thanks.

  5. that would be a great picture for ones of those motivational posters with one word….like determination

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