Turkey Vultures Wait for Breakfast in Hardy VA

At night I waited for the moonrise and the cloud cover was thick and the air cold. During the day we attempted the 4 kids-simultaneous-smiles for the Christmas card.  There were the miniature horses in the field next door, sunlight streaming through their visible breath and the late afternoon light on  the stunning flowering pears holding onto their golden and scarlet leaves, then releasing them when the wind blew.  But I went out in my robe and clogs in the mid-thirties to catch the flock of Turkey Vultures (I had been calling them buzzards until I looked them up) as they circled and waited in the trees. Fascinating- a bit repugnant at the same time.

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6 thoughts on “Turkey Vultures Wait for Breakfast in Hardy VA

  1. I felt like a turkey vulture yesterday — circling the kitchen, hovering around the refrigerator, waiting to scarf up the last of the turkey, stuffing, cranberries …

  2. I don’t see them in the trees here in Indiana but on Thanksgiving day, Jonathan and I saw about 50 wild turkeys strolling along the road!

  3. Really wonderful shots, gorgeous creatures, like so many beautiful crearures–also rapacious.

    Did you get good shots of the kids?
    I hope we see them…

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