Pink Flamingos or Flamingoes Adorn the Water Cooler

My creative and artistic friends  host a great party! I like their imaginative use of the pink flamingo lights wrapped around the water cooler.  Unique. I  laughed out loud when I saw them.I had to look up the plural of flamingo and both o and oes are acceptable, posted in the order listed.  The link states the birds are gregarious.  I like that, too! I don’t have a water cooler or flamingo shaped lights but the combo looks fun to me.

Almost looks like an aquarium.
You can really say it glows....

7 thoughts on “Pink Flamingos or Flamingoes Adorn the Water Cooler

  1. I love it. My brother had flamingos at his wedding. He would have gone out to buy those lights.

  2. …. all of the other ingoes used to laugh and call them names. They never let the pink flamingoes join in all their water cooler games ….

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