How Many Snowmen in this Collection?

When we got to the party Friday night I saw this display of snowmen in the front entrance hall.  Later, I asked if I could photograph it and blog it and was given permission but  I was told that the edict is, “No more snowmen!”

But the grouping is sweet. Turns out Tim never had a collection. And so the snowman collection began.  But then it had to stop!

Not sure which one was the first snowman in the collection.

Still thinking about a collection begins.
L. wrote and said she collects Creches. When is a collection complete?

6 thoughts on “How Many Snowmen in this Collection?

  1. So I wrote that it seems snowmen never have any ears, and Mary replied,”You think they want to listen to that song all the time?”

  2. I did a Frosty the Snowman book – the Hallmark kind that records your voice – for the grandkids in Holland this year. It was a big hit!! They loved it!

  3. My daughter Betsy, an English teacher, could recite paragraphs from Moby Dick and wrote many papers on Melville’s classic story but finally said,”Mother, no more whales!”
    My niece’s husband has an overflowing cupboard of elephants.

  4. I don’t think collectors of anything ever stop collecting, or at least looking when they are shopping. What they collect, they will always love!

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