Lost Sole

What I Found in the Toys 'R Us Parking Lot
Late afternoon winter light.

When I find these things I know there’s a story behind the scene.  The light seemed perfect, causing the edges to reflect the setting sun.  Anna, 7, said, “I wonder whose shoe is that.”


*Taking the wordpress challenge to postaday2011.*

16 thoughts on “Lost Sole

  1. Ruth this is spectacular! The things I love about this post on your blog today are endless. Your words… the picture of the city… the new look of your blog… and especially today’s picture. I woke up this morning saying “I lost myself yesterday, good thing today is a new day.” Your picture today says to me at some time or another in life we lose parts of ourselves, but we keep going on with what we have left. I’m so glad our friendship is something I will still have with me in 2011. Happy New Year Ruth.


  2. Of course I LOVE the black background:):) black is my favorite color!!!!….and the last line of your blog about being kind made me smile…Happy New Year to you neighbor…..see you in a few days friend!


  3. Mary C. said it was okay to use her words to me in an email earlier today,,,

    “Make it simple Ruthie. Kindness first to yourself, family, and the big ugly world. Happy New Year kiddo !!”

    Thanks Mary. Happy New Year to You.


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