How About this House for Steelers Madness?

Some dedicated fans live here for sure!

Sunday night’s game was a nail biter.  On the way to Cj’s house to watch the game I saw this house across the street.  Monday morning everyone will be happy at work.  The excitement will build over the next couple of weeks.  Many will be superstitious about a wide range of rituals-not shaving, items of clothing worn, with many fans feeling responsible for the final outcome dependent on their action or inaction.  It is quite a phenomenon.  Thanks for all the good wishes from friends far and wide.

And congratulations again to Dr Beth P. who won the Blog Giveaway of the photo print of her choice, which she is going to donate to the    National Kidney Foundation’s Annual Gift of Life Gala!

12 thoughts on “How About this House for Steelers Madness?

  1. Thanks Keith. You are exactly right. Lots of happy folks.

    Thanks friends, fans of other teams,
    blog readers local and overseas,
    for your sweet, thoughtful emails and encouragement.
    There are those for us, with us and against us.
    We are looking to make grilled cheese in two weeks.
    What a pick-me-up this nail biting win creates for our city.

    As always.
    Ruth E

  2. Christmas Lights and Steelers it doesn’t get more American thatn that! Here we go!!!

  3. Christmas Lights and Steelers it doesn’t get more American than that! Here we go!!!

  4. Don’t care what anyone says there are no fans like Pittsburgh fans and they’re not all in Pittsburgh.

  5. Thanks so much, Ruth. A hard decision so you decide which one for the Kidney Gala. Or we could ask your fans on this site to vote! Which one would be the most likely to sell for big bucks (the purpose of the Gala is to raise money to help those with kidney disease and to provide education about kidney disease).

  6. Because the Christmas lights are still there and ON, I love it! Might do well to keep it all there 2 more weeks, esp. with the Xmas stuff, since I see that the “theme” of HEAVEN in entering into the picture, rhymes with SEVEN, Ben’s # and Seventh Super Bowl win. 🙂

  7. PS! How great of Beth to suggest, Ruth, that you pick the Photo that would raise the most $$$$ for the Kidney Foundation Gala!!! It might be the one SHE picked, which is gorgeous!!!! Any one of your will raise the roof!!!! 🙂

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