It’s Halloween Theme Year-Round in this Place– Jekyl (one L) and Hyde on 18th St.

Bought on the internet, filled with concrete so he doesn't "walk"

I’ve been driving by this knight for awhile now.  And Wednesday I got my chance to ask about him…

Off the beaten path as they say.  Squeezing in another quick peek at an establishment on the South Side.  Dave was out posting a sign for St Patrick’s Day festivities and I had always wondered about the rusty knight out front.  Bought on the internet it turns out, filled with concrete.  There is an Uncle Fester inside under a black light and his boa is wild. VERY dark inside so hard to get a non-grainy, clear pic on the fly.  Dave tends the bar and dresses up and there is a “thing” type hand on the cash register, sitting there without being attached to a body.  Halloween theme every day of the year.  I hear you can get a little skeleton in your drinks.  When I was there the place was empty except for the murals and masks and spiders and creatures that decorate the place.

A little creepy to me but I hear he is really popular

The front of Jekyll and Hyde on 18th Street.And Dave waiting for the beer


He was so nice to let me come in and see the Halloween decor. 140 S 18th St.

Jekyl and Hyde info click here

From Ghoulies and Ghosties

and long-leggedy beasties
and things that go bump in the night
Good Lord deliver us. ”

I did a crewel stitch of this little prayer
for Mark’s baby room in 1976
(or maybe it was Matthew’s in ’80)
It’s all  I can think of to accompany
today’s post.I’ll find the crewel embroidery and
put it on the keep or pitch blog.

6 thoughts on “It’s Halloween Theme Year-Round in this Place– Jekyl (one L) and Hyde on 18th St.

  1. Lots of fun and very Southside. You should put together a collection of your Southside photos as a book and let all the stores in Southside featured sell it for you. I think it would be a local success.

  2. Well this was eye opening… in a kind of cool scary way? I think the pics are great and it appears the goblins are friendly : )

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