A Broken Bluer Brick Brings Bricks to Mind

Looking at all the brick homes in Pittsburgh, brickmaking must have been HUGE!!!

Brick by Brick

When I was in younger
you could make a bookcase
with some boards and bricks.
Once at the Hallmark store I won
a football helmet and a foam rubber brick
to throw at the tv if you didn’t like the ref’s call.
I live in a brick house.
I don’t like it when people paint brick.
Just thinking about bricks.

Just thinking about bricks.  We all love the yellow brick road and the smart pig brother built his house of bricks When I went out to my car Friday after school there was a broken brick in the road by the curb on Arlington Ave.  Not sure where it came from but had a fresh piece out of it.  Couldn’t read all the words on this particular brick but brickmaking and brick molds and their imprints  are interesting to me. There are people who collect bricks.   I couldn’t have set this brick up better than the lines surrounding it.  Just waiting there ’til I got out of school and photographed it. There are photographs of bricks from different regions online so people can identify their origin.  Lot of brick homes and still some brick streets in Pittsburgh but couldn’t find a list of old Brick Works in the area. Will keep looking.  There is a house down the street that has eleven colors of brick in it!  I found a listing for a brick manufacturer in Harmar Don’t know anyone who is into serious brick collecting. Anyone into bricks? Quotes about bricks?  He was a brick short of a load.  Augustus Caesar said  “I found Rome brick and left it marble.”

Walkways and walls are good fund raisers as people are willing to donate for a brick with their name or a loved one on it as a memorial.

5 thoughts on “A Broken Bluer Brick Brings Bricks to Mind

  1. I love bricks and often take a picture of the brick makers name for posterity. I have found Sankey, Porter and Kittanning bricks in my travels.

  2. I live in a row of 5 brick houses, one is yellow! Each red brick house is different – it took me a long time to notice that!!! And I love my bricks the best! They have a blue-grey sheen. Since all the homes were built about the same time, the variety of bricks must have been purposeful!!! It would be interesting to know if they were all made in the same “oven” ??? and where around here?

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