Almost Full Moon Over Roberto Clemente

Saturday March 19th will be the SUPER MOON. I shot this on the way home from class on Wednesday night. I was shooting the statue of Roberto Clemente and noticed the moon in the frame.  Going to try and shoot the super moon Saturday night.

No Concrete Proof

Some theorize human behavior
is influenced by the moon.
It’s Saturday-
so no school
on this day of the super moon.
Wonder how the kids would have been affected?
The lights at night, the moon, the swollen river rushing below the bridge, the lifelike statue- created a presence.

6 thoughts on “Almost Full Moon Over Roberto Clemente

  1. Fab! What is SUPER moon? Is it the moon of the Equinox? Which is Sunday around 7:30pm. So today is the last FULL 24 hours of Winter!!!!! 🙂 Monday is the first 24 hours of SPRING!!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Really cool photo Ruth… Roberto gave me his autograph after game at Forbes Field. I still have it.

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