9 thoughts on “UPS Delivery in Motion

  1. This is definitely familiar to me. We always have packages going back and forth. In fact this morning we’ll be mailing Finn’s presents for his 4th birthday in early April. Just got everything wrapped and boxed up last night. Unfortunately, it costs a bundle to mail overseas!! Our daughter in law is always happy if we send some GAP or Old Navy clothing. Of course, the kids want toys!! They know their delivery man in Breda!! We are always happy to see packages coming this way, too!!


  2. who doesn’t like to get a package?
    or your photos every day!!???
    Ruth, the UPS delivery everyday to our home …. UnitedPhotoService!!!:-)


  3. Louisville is a UPS hub so there are always lots of UPS planes flying over and the trucks are very common around here. Good picture!


  4. When I get mail from UPS ,it’s something Aaron ordered and I get to mail it (and pay postage) to Slovakia.Smart kid,isn’t he?


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