Onion Skins Colored Eggs

A bit too much sunlight on the eggs but they were a reddish color.

My sister made these beautiful colored eggs.  She peeled the paper skins off a mesh bag of yellow onions, down to the onion part.  Boiled the eggs and skins together slowly for a long time.  The eggshells became a rich reddish color.  After the dinner on Monday we played the egg game, trying to crack the other person’s egg with yours. Fredi suggested using the smaller tip like a torpedo.  His coaching worked for me and my egg was the winner, although the other guests might have felt it fixed, with the hostess’s sister winning! You win if your egg remains uncracked at the end of the game.  Mary said it had Armenian and Greek roots (the egg game.)  A competitive group!

9 thoughts on “Onion Skins Colored Eggs

  1. I don’t know about the egg game but the eggs are a beautiful color. No onion smell or taste I’m assumming?

  2. I love the color of the eggs. I think this is how my great grandmother colored her eggs for Easter.

  3. No wonder plant dyes did not work for me! You boil the eggs and the plants TOGETHER!!!! Who knew? 🙂 Last year I cooked the beets and then tried dying the eggs in the beet “water” after …….
    If it ever comes down to “survival,” I’ll be the first to go!!!!

  4. I remember when I was little that an old neighbor lady used to color eggs for all the children in the neighborhood. They were always purple and I’m not sure what she used to color them but it wasn’t the traditional egg coloring kit. Could a purple eggplant dye them that color? Beets? HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!

  5. My daughter-in-law was in Poland and she and her mom were using onion skins.My mom used beets and vinegar.They were a pretty mauve shade.

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