What do you collect?

People collect things. Here is a friend’s frog collection.   Friends know people collect things and help them out by bringing one to add to the collection.  I’ve talked about it before-Tim’s snowmen collection for which there is a moratorium- no more snowmen to be added!  We all know someone who collects something.

I am fascinated with how it starts.  The first one of a collection.  I got a cool handblown glass frog from Kristin and I keep him in my China closet.  He is my only frog and I like that fact.  He is unique.

You start with one of something,
Friends buy you more.
Frogs symbolize good luck
according to what I could find.
When I see a collection
I always wonder how it began.

9 thoughts on “Frogs

  1. We had 1 frog…thanks to you. Gilly, the water frog, lived to be 18 years old and was the size of a large pear. Can’t thank you enough for sending us “grow a frog” that lived on our kitchen counter (in his aquarium) all those years. Don’t think we will collect frogs.

    • 18 years! Wow you guys need to tell the grow-a-frog company about that and I’m sure they’ll send you a new one for free. that might be a record.

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