Four Fruits for Brunch

Shot this with my Canon 50D and 24-70mm EL series lens. Didn't think the iPhone could do it justice.

Mary and I were entertained for a delicious brunch where this fruit was served (with a side of pancakes and bacon) but doesn’t this look healthy?Seeds or seedless,

skins or peel?
Raspberries are my favorite.
Poached pears, a baked apple.
Fruit cup, fruit cake, dried fruit,
fruit bowl. fruit salad.
Fruit of the vine. Fruit tree.
Fruit roll-up, fruit tart.
Fruit Loops? Fruit flies.
Fruit.  Just plain fruit.

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13 thoughts on “Four Fruits for Brunch

  1. Your friends have beautiful bowls, silver and a BLUE tablecloth and healthy food – are you sure this isn’t chez – vous???? 🙂 Enjoying my eggs in my eggcups- return to the fridge at night!

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