Remember When a Television Was Furniture?

South Side, 27th Street, on my way to Tess’s.  Taken with the iPhone camera.  That’s me in the reflection.  This is one HUGE television, waiting for pickup.  Now everything these days is flat screen or wall mount, giant and loud but thin.  People have entertainment centers and places to house a tv but they are not connected as a single unit.  Different finishes.  This one could qualify as “Colonial” or “Traditional”???

Not sure when this style
stopped being popular
and I’m sure there are plenty of these
fully functional in homes today.
Just reflecting on what I find on the sidewalk.
Wondering what shows were watched.

9 thoughts on “Remember When a Television Was Furniture?

  1. Sure do remember. I hate to see things like this thrown away, it could be re-purposed easily.

  2. Sunday nights we went to our grandparents to watch the classic westerns in the 50’s: Maverick, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel. It was quite the event for the extended family.

  3. Just left my non-furniture broken TV curbside. Wonder if the drawer was decor or functional??? Love to have a hiding place for things near a TV!!!!!

  4. Brings back memories of Sunday nights in the ’60’s watching Ed Sullivan! Seems like the particular TV you took a picture of would be an antique and worth quite a bit of money!

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