Manhole Cover Art

Did you know there are artists who roll ink on manhole covers, grates and vents and create art?

In Berlin they are called pirate printers or raubdruckerin. You can click link to see their artwork.

I arrived in Columbus this afternoon and Laura and I went to pick up Charlie at his school. I saw this manhole cover. Didn’t have a brayer or ink but took this photo.

Ginkgoes in NYC and Pittsburgh

Note: Last night I was adding Veterans photos to the Veterans Gallery and creating a new blog post for Thursday slipped my mind. If you’d like to see the new additions, here’s the link to the Gallery


Rich golden fan shaped leaves make the Gingko a stand out this time of year. My sister sent NYC gingko pics snd I had taken one I’d taken here in Pittsburgh.

LeRoy Street NYC
Down the block. LeRoy Street
Golden Streets in Pittsburgh