Harvest Gold, Burnt Orange, Avocado Green

These colors speak of an era. You find them together. Appliances used to be Avocado Green and Harvest Gold. Not sure about the Burnt Orange.

Greyhound Bus Stop Ohio Exit #178 at the BP station.  from the Archives. Check out the filing cabinetswith the same colors. 

A place to wait.
Puddles in the seats.
A phone booth.
Taken in 2011.
Evokes another time.

7 thoughts on “Harvest Gold, Burnt Orange, Avocado Green

  1. I had the harvest gold appliances in my kitchen at one time! Now I stick to white. I haven’t jumped to the black or brushed metal look. I think those colors will be indicative of an era too, though I can’t really imagine what might replace them.

  2. I remember the colors. Our appliances were white, but the tea kettle, replaced every couple of years, went through iterations of all three colors. Those file cabinets are something else!

  3. I had a dress with the orange on top(dropped waist) and the orange and green in a small diamond pattern on the bottom. Knowing me,it’s still up in the attic in a box.

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