General Auto Repair- Seen Better Days

Outside Roanoke VA
From the Archives when we visited Mark's Parents-in-Law in Virginia. Now I see the POSTED sign. Pulled over and took it from the car. Here's where the quote at the top comes in-"Place with trace of humanity."You see them all the time.You imagine who ran the place,who drove their vehicles up to the door?The coke bottles glass, not large.No one has been there for a long time.Rusting equipment, the tall grass.What was left inside?

9 thoughts on “General Auto Repair- Seen Better Days

  1. Memories of the good old days when your local mechanic, in this case, Mr. Carter, could fix anything on your car at a reasonable price. You could also buy a 10 cent coke…in a glass bottle, out of one of those cool machines with a door on it.

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