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Photo from My Archives


2009- from the archivesThese angels are on a shelf in one of the built in china closets in the dining room.

2009- from the archives
These angels are on a shelf in one of the built in china closets in the dining room.

After Yesterday’s Photo, a Beautiful View of Pennsylvania from a Train Window

Coming home to Pittsburgh from Philadelphia on the train, this vista is just outside of Lancaster. Shot with a Canon 20D, my old camera-through a train window.

Three Magi

From the archives. Three Magi. Apple boxes. Found the apple packing and storing company listing.

Was reading about the dismantling of the Christmas stuff at my son’s in Ohio and knew it was Twelfth Night and the end of Christmas. This photo came to mind. The three kings, Epiphany. Bearing gifts. Traveling so far.

These are the big wooden boxes used when the apples are picked in the orchard. You can see them stacked up in tall piles as you drive around this part of the country. You get a new appreciation for the effort it takes to grow fruit. These three apple boxes were just placed like this along the path where we’d walk the dogs.

General Auto Repair- Seen Better Days

Outside Roanoke VA

From the Archives when we visited Mark's Parents-in-Law in Virginia. Now I see the POSTED sign. Pulled over and took it from the car. Here's where the quote at the top comes in-"Place with trace of humanity."You see them all the time.You imagine who ran the place,who drove their vehicles up to the door?The coke bottles glass, not large.No one has been there for a long time.Rusting equipment, the tall grass.What was left inside?

Inflatables to the nth Power + Reflections on the Car = ?

A math problem with no answer.  It could take years to calculate.  At Thanksgiving we saw a yard with 31 inflatables but they were all deflated in the daylight, it just isn’t the same effect.  Joan B found this house for me, too.

And I spoke to the owner and she said her husband had been ill and they had really scaled down this year (2008).  Pre-blog  I realize I have been at this for a time now. Shot on the  Northside.

What can the electricity bill be this month?

What’s Her Story?

What's Her Story?

Waiting. An ongoing theme. For a bus, a birthday, a phone call. We wait.

Jack and the Giant Curly Fry


=Jack examines his French Fry at the Ohio State Fair.

Dining at the Ohio State Fair. One fry was like an entire potato! From the archives.

Ohio State Fair Winner

What do people do with these giant stuffed animals they win?

What do people do with these giant stuffed animals?

Central Park Sailboats and Unauthorized Craft

From the archives.  Boats with a motor not allowed.  Took this when visiting my sister last Spring. Reminds me of Stuart Little.  It’s relaxing to watch the toy sailboats and the people who pilot them, the rental guy who retrieves them with a line. The motorized, remote control naval ship was zipping around between the peaceful sailboats.

New York City Central Park Sailboats

Find the remote control craft disturbing the peace.

Jack Helps Maura Swing

From the archives. I’m in Columbus and we just finished watching Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges. Took this photo before I started posting.


"Whoa, brother! I'm getting dizzy" the swing was on automatic and needed no assistance!