Cookie Table(s) at Pittsburgh Weddings are Tradition

Cookie-Table-WeddingTonight Mark and Erika are at a wedding and I am thinking about the cookie table. Wondering if they packed a container and brought home some cookies. (Probably not since they are doing the PX90 workout these days.)

There was a big article in the New York Times in Dec 2009. Several theories as to the origin of the tradition. The wedding reception featured in the article took place at the Le Mont where Mark and Erika had their reception, too. The cookie tables shown today on the blog are from a May 2009 wedding of my friend Donna’s son John and his lovely bride Angie. They had multiple cookie tables and the cookies were delicious. Everyone must have baked their hearts out for this wedding! Dozens and dozens of cookies. Everyone has a favorite type cookie and I have seen wedding guests scarf down a dozen or so lady locks BEFORE dinner is served.

Anyone know about the unwritten rules of cookie tables as written about in the Chowhound article??


Cookie-Table-PittsburghCookie-Table-Pittsburgh- WeddingThese cookie tables are all from the SAME wedding!!

19 thoughts on “Cookie Table(s) at Pittsburgh Weddings are Tradition

  1. This must be a relatively new tradition, as I never saw any when I was growing up in Western PA. The variety and magnitude of the selection pictured here is staggering- such temptation!

  2. I think cookie tables at first were very ethnic now you see them at so many more weddings.All so pretty and everyone who bakes for one wants too. A true labor of love!Today I baked for my nephews graduation party………cake and cookie table..of course!

  3. I never heard of a cookie table at a wedding and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. I wonder if it is a recent thing.

  4. I have never seen so mnay cookies in one place, not even a bakery!!!! Was not aware of this tradition! Did you see Laura’s comment, Ruth???? 🙂 🙂

  5. I’ve been to many weddings, especially in Indiana and Kentucky, but have never seen a cookie table ever in either state. I really do like the idea!

  6. I knew that was Johnny’s wedding.I won’t ever forget all those delicious cookies and the Jordan almonds.We got to take so many home. I wish I had some right now!

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  8. I’m flabbergasted at finding Pittsburgh natives unfamiliar with the cookie table! There was one at every wedding I attended growing up, including my own and my cousin’s — both in 1983. Being asked to help bake for the cookie table is an honor second only to being asked to be in the wedding party.

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