Jimmy Stewart Statue and Old Glory-Indiana, PA

Got invited to photograph my daughter-in-law’s family reunion in Indiana PA. What a happy party and celebration.  I considered posting photographs of all of the Polish food- Kielbasa, Haluski, Pierogies, Golabki (Stuffed Cabbage) but when I was headed back to the city the sun was low on the horizon. There was the Jimmy Stewart Statue in front of the Indiana County Courthouse.  And on Philadelphia Street!!

One problem though, I was shooting into the West so shooting into the sun!  I wished I had a step stool or ladder to capture the statue’s face from a different angle. Amazing how a statue can look so different depending on the light and the angle. The metal is bronze but at first there was a fiberglass statue that is now in the museum.

I waited until a burst of wind unfurled the flag.  I  was patient.

My family used to love watching Jimmy Stewart movies and the tradition is carried on with the annual It’s a Wonderful Life  Christmas viewing at Mark and Erika’s home.  There is a Jimmy Stewart Museum adjacent to this location but closed of course .  Will have to research what is inside and return when it is open.

Twenty seven years of military service, A Brigadier General in the USAF Reserve-  seems fitting that the flag is part of the picture to honor Jimmy Stewart’s service.

Just seemed like a perfect Independence Day Eve photo.  A fitting tribute!

Footnote added July 10, 2011    Be sure to read the NYTimes article by John Marchese Visited Bedford Falls Lately?

The statue was erected on the occasion of Jimmy Stewart's 75th Birthday.

8 thoughts on “Jimmy Stewart Statue and Old Glory-Indiana, PA

  1. This picture reminds me of my youth and makes me so happy! When I was a young boy my sister and I spent summers with my aunt and uncle in the United States in order to perfect our English. My aunt (father’s sister) is married to a US Navy officer, now retired. They met when he was stationed in Spain. She is a doctor, and they have kids that were older than us. They lived on navy bases in California, Florida, and Virginia.
    Most of the days were spent at camps and swimming pools hanging out with American kids. At their home we were supposed to be reading books, but that first summer we were more interested in their TV. They had no cable, and the networks came in quite poorly with antenna. They did have a VHS had two cassettes. The one I don’t remember because the other one was “It’s A Wonderful Life.”and it was watched by me and my sister at least 5,000 times that summer! We must have watched it 5 times a day, maybe more, sometimes staying up past midnight watching over and over. At first we were amazed by the VCR and its wonders of pausing, fast-forwarding, etc. (this was early 80s).
    But there was something about the story and that wonderful man Jimmy Stewart that really drew us in. There seemed to be an aura of goodness around him and the movie in general. When family and friends would take us to the cinema to see the latest films, i felt as though they were nothing compared to “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Nothing was as fulfilling or as quotable. My cousins thought we were nuts for watching it so much and quoting it to everyone. But my uncle understood because he loved Jimmy Stewart too. He was even a pilot like Stewart. After enduring us watching it over and over for three months, he wrote a letter to Jimmy Stewart and told him how his movie was still touching hearts, and helped his nephew and niece master English. Jimmy Stewart actually wrote back to him! Several years later my uncle gave me the letter in a frame with a picture of Jimmy Stewart. It hangs in my office, and my patients always ask about it. I tell them the story of “It’s A Wonderful Life!
    That movie It was something of a life changer, literally, and I attribute it all to Jimmy Stewart. He made the film with his dignity, talent, and passion. Over the years I have come to love and admire Jimmy Stewart as a wonderful example of a man. Serving in war, married to one woman for so many years, and a true gentleman. And of course all my children have seen the movie too and enjoy as we did. They always hear a bell and say that an angel is getting his wings!

    This is a wonderful photo, and of course “It’s A Wonderful Life!!!”

  2. Wonderful photo! I went to Indiana University of Pa my freshman year and that was probably long before this statue was erected. I loved visiting the old hardware store there with the name Stewart’s above it.

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