Olive Oil, Apple Juice and Tiki Torch Fuel Still Life

All three of these containers are in the garage on shelves and the Tiki Torch Fuel is in a high cupboard but this is the type of thing that makes me worry.  That one could be mistaken for another.  The nutritional information is a clue for the one bottle and I wish I didn’t worry so  much.

Photographed these three lined up with the late afternoon sun streaming into the garage. I guess this post could be like those public service commercials, creating awareness.

Similar packaging, two edible. One poison.

11 thoughts on “Olive Oil, Apple Juice and Tiki Torch Fuel Still Life

  1. That’s why people our age aren’t having kids….somehow we were able to not worry so much when we were younger. My grandfather used to say it’s only for lend, we all get a turn.


  2. Hello, my name is John Branum. I am a lawyer from Oklahoma representing several families who have had their children severely injured and/or killed as a result of the ingestion of torch fuel. We have petitioned the CPSC to change the bottles so that they are not see through. Young children are dying and becoming seriously hurt when they see torch fuel and think it is apple juice. The companies that make it can put it a non-see through bottle for 2 cents more per bottle — and save kids lives. There are about 1500 ingestions of torch fuel/lamp oil annually in the US. We Petitioned the CPSC to change the law so the companies are required to put it in a non-see through container. The public can comment to the CPSC for the next 11 days (9/26/11 deadline) on whether the regulation should be changed.
    You can give the CPSC your comment at: http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=CPSC-2011-0048-0001
    You can read the Petition to the CPSC at:
    Thanks for considering it.
    John Branum
    Carr & Carr Attorneys


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