Gateway Clipper Cookie Cruise

The 19th Annual Bob O’Connor Cookie Cruise– this year’s charity chosen to benefit is the Cribs for Kids (SIDS). Matthew and I were invited to sail Wednesday night and were the fortunate guests of some dear friends and neighbors. A perfect summer evening. We shook hands with a slew of politicians including the mayor as we boarded the The Majestic. The city was in a beautiful light and as dusk came the scene was heightened in drama, especially as we sailed past the Pirates game in full swing at PNC park. Hot dogs and watermelon and pasta and fried chicken with coleslaw was the menu.There were fireworks over Heinz Field and what caught my eye were the guests lined up to get the cookies once it was announced- the sheets were about to be removed and the platefuls they took to eat- piled high.

15 thoughts on “Gateway Clipper Cookie Cruise

  1. I was at the Bucco game Wednesday night and saw the majestic sail past and here you and Matthew were on it feasting on cookies! Loved these pictures.

  2. Oh my goodness. I’d have to keep my eyes glued on the gorgeous sights, else I would get STONED on cookies! 🙂
    Beautiful shots of the Burgh!

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