Class of 2015 Arrives on Campus!

It’s happening all over the city. Across the state, throughout the country.    I hear CMU freshman arrived on Monday and Tuesday it was the University of Pittsburgh  (no one except out-of-towners call it University of Pittsburgh ) PITT is it!  It’s the annual start of school.  Freshmen arrive on campus and families assist, haul the stuff, then embrace and say,”  good-bye!” You see them in the linens aisle at Target, waiting for a bus, walking down city sidewalks in a large group.

I pulled over to the curb and put the flashers on along with a line of cars with car-top carriers and U-Haul trucks and trailers.  Got out and documented the occasion.  Met a few nice and enthusiastic people on my way home from school.  Mr. Vincent told of a little brother hugging his older sister and didn’t want to let go.  You get teared up witnessing the partings.  The unbelievable traffic and students arriving  will be on television news, the wild moving-in scene.  More than 7500 freshman I was told.  That’s a lot of people!  T-shirt sales were brisk on the corner. A beautiful day filled with mixed emotions. I dedicate this post to my dear friend G and her daughter S who’s a brand new freshman in another state!!! Laura told me today that she started college TEN years ago.  I remember taking her like it was yesterday.  And S.G. who used to babysit Mark and Matthew is taking two of her own kids back to school, dragging a futon and laundry baskets and who knows what.  I love the carting off of the broken down boxes photo. And Michael starts his first day of KINDERGARTEN Wednesday morning, Anna the second grade.  I am sure many of these parents were thinking about those milestones as they brought their children to college!

Alex and her mom, Dalia, from Philadelphia area (Newtown Square) graciously allowed me to document the moving process.

The whole family helps move in

Pitt Panther Statue

Mr. Mike Vincent, Pitt Class of 1977 (Criminal Justice) is now the guard of the Cathedral of Learning.

Carting off all the broken down cardboard boxes

17 thoughts on “Class of 2015 Arrives on Campus!

  1. Oakland has been crazy, but it is exciting when the students come back, even if traffic is insane, its the official end of summer… 🙁

  2. Great photo essay …. I was in Squirrel Hill yesterday where a group of students was being “oriented”- they were wearing their T-Shirts, CLASS OF 2015 ….. I’m still in shock! 🙂

  3. We have the same right of passage here in Gainesville @ the University of Florida. And I remember the day my Mother dropped me off right here on the same campus……memories…

  4. Great photos! One of my daughters started her last semester at the local community college today. However, it’s a very happy day for everyone as there are no separation issues.

    • Thanks for your comment today and your website inspired tomrrow’s post so be sure to check back after midnight(my time zone) and check it out@
      Cheers to you.

  5. I still VIVIDLY remember my college moving-in day; I remember I kind of wanted my family to leave so I could start to settle in and explore – but then I remember feeling stunned when my mom, dad, and sister all drove away, without me.

    It’s a strange time in a kid’s life…

    As an aside, I was a Criminal Justice major, too! 🙂

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