Paint Splats in an Art Room Sink

Six years ago when I came to the school I am now, there were dried out paints in containers that had been moved to our school.  I soaked them to reuse the containers.  And when the water went down the drain, this is what was left.  I taped newspaper over the sink and made a little sign.  DO NOT USE SINK.   I didn’t tell them why,  The next day I brought in my camera, removed  the newspaper and photographed the paint splats in the sink.  It was really interesting to me.  So this is another from the archives. Abstract expressionism.

9 thoughts on “Paint Splats in an Art Room Sink

  1. Re-purposing something old for something new.
    Did you have the kids watch you take the photo, and/or tell them what you were doing? Experiential learning, to be certain.

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