Big Banana Car in Columbus Guest Blog

Laura took a photo of the Big Banana Car in front of her neighbor’s house. Part of the mini The World Needs More Whimsy Tour. The Big banana is built on a “….1993 Ford pickup over the course of two years by Steven Braithwithe”

Rides were available today (until dark)for a donation. The money going to a fund for children without health insurance

Photo by Laura

By the time you read this post, the tour will be over but what fun Laura and Charlie and Roy had on the walk to and from school. Laura face-timed me while holding a Bananas Gorilla (Richard Scarry Busytown) toy. I snapped a couple of screen shots.

I cropped out myself from the Face time call
Bananas Gorilla in his banana car

One more screen shot while Face timing

Do you remember Laura’s neighbor?

Greg created the Art Car (click to see slide show) I know you’ve seen it on the blog.

BLOOM at the Children’s Museum

What a fun time we had at the Children’s Museum Pittsburgh on a perfect summer Thursday evening. Artwork, live music, refreshments, vendors. Good friends. We even had our pictures taken by a professional in the lower floor.

With my friend Jen, posing with flowers by Alison Zapata

Artist Mia Marshall
Live Music -Joziah Council
Just below on the right
Getting an envelope with wildflower seeds
It’s a Burgh Thing Flour Sack Towel by Jeanine Murch
Founder and CEO Terrell Grayson had a wonderful display of sharp looking bow ties
Vendor Sam of 112 Juice Bar served me a sample of The Pink Lady Organic juice blend.
Thank you for a great time Pittsburgh Kids

“BLOOM is an event to create an open space for the artist community, including the museum staff and visitors, to let their creativity blossom. This event will include a variety of ways to appreciate and engage with local artists and their work + art-making opportunities for guests to explore their own creativity.”

Hooked on Books -150 Crochet Stitches

At the Columbus Metropolitan Library in the Carnegie Art gallery on the second floor. July 28, 2023.

Bees Knees Clintonville Yarn Bomber Hooked on Books

The hallway on the second floor
At the library July 28. 2023

It’s a Wrap 2! Guest Blog

My friend Joanne’s flight was delayed so she was getting a bite to eat and then walking around Terminal A-East in the Philadelphia Airport, waiting for her flight to be called. Although she was eager to get to her destination, the delay gave her time to photograph all these colorful artworks. Creating a guest blog today was not her plan, it just happened. There was a lot of yarn!

IT’S A WRAP 2 is in Terminal A-East
Ticketed Passengers

This exhibition features work by Philadelphia area artists(listed below) who were invited to create unique architectural interventions within the Airport terminal. Using yarn, fabric, felt, found objects, tape, paint, wheat paste, and wood, the artists applied their work to the ceiling tiles, columns, rockers, walls, walkway, and windows. They have visually transformed this location into an immersive and experiential art-filled passageway.”

Rocking Chair Close-up
Yarny Crochet flowers close up



Have a wonderful holiday . Thank you Joanne. Joanne’s most recent guest blog was the one of the bronze sculptures in Halifax Nova Scotia – The Volunteers.

Gems in the West End Branch: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

My friend Jen and I used to teach together for six years.  She was the librarian and I was the art teacher.  We got together last week and she asked if I’d signed up for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Summer Reading Program and if I had gotten a CLP Passport? No, I had not. But I have now.  There are nineteen branches from which to get a stamp from, in the Passport.  Since Jen had already been to Lawrenceville, West End and the Main Library I decided to catch up with her. Monday she and I will start the adventure together to visit more branches across the city.

This morning I drove to the West End Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  

I received a warm welcome from Anastasia at the desk. She offered to give me a tour. All the wood is original and the library opened in 1899.

First item she showed me was the framed Civil Defense Sign.

Then we went down to the basement and she showed me the wooden cabinets painted by Theodore Hamiel in 1959, depicting many well known story book characters.  Mr. Hamiel was the library’s custodian.

Librarian Beth went and got an January 20, 1959 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about the paintings.

Other treasures in the library sit atop the shelves.  There’s a replica of the Library (Anastasia got me a footstool so I could photograph it) and buildings that were in the West End in the 1970’s.

Some of the buildings represented are nonexistent now.   Nick Tutino created all the models in his retirement.  

You can read more about Mr. Hamiel and Mr. Tutino in the article link that Anastasia recommended here CLP West End:Structurally Similar, Completely Unique

Kyra is in charge of Children’s Services.  There are Preschool StoryTimes and Playtimes for Birth to 5 year olds with toys and games. “Allegedly, the West End Branch is where the FIRST library Storytime took place.” she said.

I really appreciated the personalized tour of the West End Branch and seeing the treasures housed here. I’m checking out a book at each branch when I visit.

There’s free parking in a lot and accessible entrance with elevator to take you up to the main floor.


Next stop- Main Library in Oakland

Resilience by artist Paula Crown

Paula Crown sculptor/artist

Her journey from Wall Street to the Art World Article

Bronze sculpture Resilience
At Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens

The bronze sculpture Resilience, on view at the top of the Channel Gardens, alludes to the devastating environmental impact of single-use plastics and extends Crown’s intention to memorialize the collective suffering experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, reminding us of humankind’s resilience and innate ability to transfer energy even through the most mundane of objects.”

“A new art installation at Rockefeller Center in New York City stands as a warning about the harmful effects of disposable plastics.”

Solo Cups on the grocery store shelf

AKA Knucklebones


That’s how I know the game’s name. Saw this display at the Artist and Craftsman store.

IScatter the metal pieces. Throw the little rubber ball up. Quick! Pick up the right number of jacks. Onesies Twosies. Threesies……..hand eye coordination a must. I didn’t purchase the box and try to play. I remember my dad playing jacks with us. For the rules and list of tips and fouls and how to play correctly click here on The Genius of Play site Yes, there are rules.

Did you ever play Jacks? What name did you call them? Stepping on a stray game piece, when your feet are bare,would be as painful as a piece of Lego.

Knucklebones, also known as scatter jacks, snobs, astragalus, tali, dibs, fivestones, jacks, or jackstones, among many other names, is a game of dexterity played with a number of small objects that are thrown up, caught, and manipulated in various manners.” Wikipedia

Binding Contract Statue – Guest Blog

I received this photo from long time friend Shuey this afternoon. He’s in Oklahoma. It’s in front of a bank,he says.

This bronze sculpture by artist Bradford J. Williams It’s in front of the Bank of Western Oklahoma in Woodward.

It symbolizes the handshake as a true meaning of a “Binding Contract” link

“Binding Contact”

“Binding Contact”
One of my favorite statues: Woodward, OK.

You might remember one of Shuey’s guest posts of a Barred Owl. That is is you’ve been following the blog eleven years! It is one of the most viewed posts on the blog’s existence, last time I checked.

Barred Owl in Niceville, Florida

Manna Pottery is All Painted by Hand

Meet Rezgar Mamandi who hand paints the beautiful pottery and tiles you see in the photographs below.

Manna Pottery was at Shadyside.. the Arts Festival on Walnut Street on Saturday.

The pencil lines will burn away when fired
Close up detail -all hand painted by artist
The colors even more vibrant in person
The tiles can be made in any size
Vases, bowls, mugs, tiles, teapots, plates, lidded jars .
All beautiful.

Watch this YouTube video to see Rezgar Mamandi paint and glaze a ceramic plate for a wedding gift.

From the Artist’s brochure
About the artist