Sunlight Through Paint Jars

When I teach students how to put markers away I teach them the order of the spectrum. Kindergarteners can do it! We sing a little song, red orange yellow green blue purple  a few times and they line them all up in the boxes.  I say, “Don’t forget the brown and black. SNAP THE CAPS!”  And a box of eight markers is in pretty good shape for the next class.

Anyway, the paints were lined up in order on the counter and when I came upstairs after the buses left, I saw the sunlight coming through the jars of glitter paint we’d used earlier.  I have no idea how we received a box of glitter paint but we did. The colors were  brilliant and I got excited as I rushed to get my camera.   Here’s what I could catch.

14 thoughts on “Sunlight Through Paint Jars

  1. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the rainbow factory. Love that you teach the children to put their markers away in spectrum order.

  2. The beauty you see all around you in your daily life is a good lesson for all of us in how we should view the worlds in which we live 🙂

  3. We finally have sun here in Indiana today – probably the first time in 10 days! The cats have already been in the sunroom enjoying the rays! Everybody have a wonderful day! Smile!

  4. Love it! I was just teaching primary and secondary colors to Kindergarten. They catch on so quick! I also noticed the cupcake papers for paint. Gotta try that! I wish you were nearby so we could share ideas more easily. Think of you often!

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