Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

How something feels.  Or looks like it feels.  That’s what I teach the kids at school as texture is one of the art elements.   Sometimes we rub a crayon on paper to capture texture, like the bottom of our shoes.   Perused the WPC posts for inspiration and a lot of ancient stone walls, Roman ruins were possibilities from the archives.  Murphy the airedale’s coat came to mind.  I was in the Croatian files last night and found something from the Zagreb Fish Market.  Then saw the breakfast roll.  Remembering how Matthew went to the bakery and brought it back.  Difficult to edit myself this late evening.   Decided to add the poll today as I would for the Keep or Pitch blog (on temporary hiatus)  Cast a vote– which photo exemplifies the  Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured ?  

Adriatic harvest.
Bumpy top breakfast roll.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

  1. Wasn’t what I was “expecting” for texture – a little early in the AM for the octopus 🙂

  2. Just looking at the texture of the octopus makes me sick! I don’t think I would like the seeds on the roll either. I think even more important than taste in food is the texture itself. Always has been important to me.

  3. I think they both work very well for this challenge
    (that sea creature is just too intersting, though… I think I’d be tempted to take a fork and poke at it a bit…)!

  4. the textures look wonderful on both. however i will choose the roll, and you can have the octopus.
    how does that sound? 🙂
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Definitely not what I was expecting either. Both images are very nice, but since it’s early in the morning and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee, I’m going with the roll.

  6. Oh wow – I think they both have AMAZING texture. I really can almost feel the squishy-bumpy of the octopus, and the hard-crunchy-chewy of the roll… While I don’t know that I would enjoy eating either one of them, I think I would delight in running my fingers over both of them. Excellent choices! 🙂

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