Trio: Weekly Photo Challenge

Trio.  You know I had to put the obvious first. The literal.

Enter a caption

Dwayne Dolphin on bass at the Trimont for the Touchstone Fundraiser. I’ll have to get the names of the other musicians.


22039021110_9cf537deb2_oRecycling in Zagreb

silhouettes at Duquesne InclineSilhouettes watch city in fog -Duquesne Incline Platform

three generationsThree generations

Michael Anna Charlie

A repeat if you’re a follower -I think this trio is hard to top

Lots of good.things come in threes. There might have to be a second gallery of Trio this week.

Soparnik in Zagreb


Women making Soparnik

“famous speciality of the dalmatian region Poljica between Split and Omiš. The original season for the dish was the colder time of the year when older, sweeter chard was available.

Basically, it is a very simple dish made from common ingredients from the region: Chard with onions and parsley between two layers of simplest dough”Click here for recipe


Women coming to market

Sajam Zimnice


Man and his Best Friend Look Right

man and his best friend


You could write a caption for this photo. It looks as if I posed them in this stance. We were walking back to our apartment

I asked if it would be okay if I took their photo. Well, in gestures.  The man agreed.

The dog sat so handsomely.

His owner tried to get him to look at me, turn his face. So kind.   I said, no problem, don’t worry, it’s okay.

Not sure what had his attention down the path towards the market but he sat so still, at the ready.

(Extra)ordinary: Weekly Photo Challenge

(Extra)ordinary  “Things or settings we might overlook at first glance. Whether in a new or familiar place, I try to keep my eyes open — to look for beauty or interestingness where I least expect it.” Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Not an ordinary puddle.

After a week of constant rain, the sun came out just before sunset.


With the ripple. A passerby hit the water.


IMG_2464The water is still.

Did I mention I left my camera in the apartment?  Shot with the iPhone camera.

IMG_2467A different puddle.




The Photographer’s Eye – Guest Blog from Croatia

My son Matthew writes from Zagreb, Croatia………………

Vedrana and I spent the day touring her hometown of Rijeka, snapping shot after shot, trying to come up with something worthy of a guest post on mom’s blog.  

We raced up to the Fortress of Trsat to catch the “golden hour” and found these fabulous dragons, eager to pose for us.

I took ten pictures, trying to get just the right one and this was the best I could do.

Sunny Dragon                  Photographed by Matthew
Sunny Dragon            Photographed by Matthew

Vedrana took just one:

Dragon Silhouette Photo by Vedrana
Dragon Silhouette                   Photographed by Vedrana

When I saw the stunning photograph she had created I threw up my hands, recognizing that my novice attempts had been outclassed in every way.  

Clearly, the photographer’s eye does not run in the family.  

In one, last, desperate attempt to capture something beautiful, I took this one-

Vedrana Photographed by Matthew
Photographed by Matthew

And finally I was satisfied with the results.



Hail Storm in Zagreb Croatia- Guest Post

In my email this morning-

Dear Mom,

 A hail storm broke out in Zagreb today and my friend Maja captured it with her iPhone from her 9th floor office.  She was a little bit reluctant to be blogged, but she had this to say about the picture :   “It looked so great and it made me so happy that I wanted to share it.”

And it reminded me of the sentence from the film “American Beauty” – “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.”

I think that quote is a great motto for us to live by.  You and your blog do a great job reminding us all of the beauty that surrounds us every moment of every day, so I knew what to do with Maja’s picture right away!

 Love you,


Thank you Maja for sharing your beautiful photograph of the hailstorm from the ninth floor window and thanks Matty, too.  

Hail Storm Zagreb Croatia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I could sift through thousands of urban photographs for this week’s challenge: urban.

There are the suburban shots of the family in my file folders, too.

Choosing a cohesive urban series was my personal challenge. The most searched term on my blog and a true urban image is NYC Rooftops at Night  which I posted in 2009.

I live and work in the city of Pittsburgh, driving across bridges and past demolitions, playgrounds and chain link fences. There are skyscrapers and empty lots. When I visit my sister in lower Manhattan there are  hundreds more images to shoot and file. And why not throw in a couple from Zagreb where Matthew lives?

So much for a cohesive series.  Here are my urban selections for this week’s challenge. A couple will be familiar if you’ve followed me for more than a year.





























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How Do You Feel About Eels?

My mother never cooked one.  (she was from Durand, Illinois.)

I can’t remember ever tasting one. An unsophisticated palate or a cultural deficiency?

But I’ve been pondering eels for three days now-and all the people in my life have been talking about food and diets a lot. No one mentioned eels.

I was driving along in the car, listening to the radio and the voice of author, James Prosek, was talking eels and the fascinating book he’s written about them. I mean, this guy knows EVERYTHING about eels.

And I got to thinking how I feel about eels. The eating of them. When you’re driving a couple of hours, you think about all kinds of things. You’ve got time. And as I said it’s three days later and I am still pondering eels?

Now eels, their habits and lives aren’t something I’ve thought much about until I heard him interviewed.  I found a link for Vintage Recipes for eel and the title Collared Eel isn’t  something I’ve heard come up on anyone’s food blog recently.  Maybe eel is part of  your Christmas Eve dinner? Lots of Pittsburghers are talking about eating more fish cause it’s Lent. I’m thinking they’re referring to Fish Sandwiches, not eels.

Here is a photo I shot at the Zagreb Fish Market when I was visiting a few years ago. Some eels.

How do you feel about eels?

Here’s the book title

Eels: An Exploration, from New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the World’s Most Mysterious Fish
By James Prosek check out his website for more information on his art and writing.


See an EEL restaurant at a fellow blogger’s post here

Zagreb Fish Market