12 thoughts on “Uncle Frank is Seventy and a Day- By His 1955 Ford Pick-up Truck

  1. I love it. That is a classic Pittsburgh photo — everything, classic Ford F150 pick-up truck, the Steeler’s logo on the shirt and cap, and even Uncle Frank’s expression. I love the houses in the background. They are also classic Pittsburgh. The aluminum awnings, the 2-story house where the bottom half is brick, and the top half is aluminum siding. Classic Pittsburgh!

    I’ve never seen houses like that anywhere in California. In California, you almost never see brick houses because of the earthquake danger. Brick house are very strong and stable vertically, but not horizontally during an earthquake. Sometime you see a brick front on a home in California, but it’s usually not part of the actual structure; it’s just a design feature. In fact, architects and designers think a brick front veneer adds character to a house, because – at least in California – there are so few brick homes.

  2. Happy Birthday Uncle Frank. Don’t really know you but have always loved Ruth’s photos of your truck.

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