Liberty Tunnel Odyssey 2011

This is for people who don’t live in Pittsburgh. You know we have lots of bridges here.  But today I am highlighting the driving through one of our tunnels.

Experience the Liberty Tunnel as I did last Tuesday night. First opened in 1924.

At first the radio is playing. Then static as reception is lost.

The Liberty Tunnel is 5889 feet long.  The tunnel was empty except for me.  One car whizzes by towards the end.  I put the iPhone on the top of the steering wheel and just drove without looking at it.  Not too fast. Next week the Ft Pitt tunnel so you can see the city at the mouth of the tunnel.

Just had the urge to document the emptiness and the movement  as I traveled through.  The sound of a motorcycle can be heard too.  And then the radio reception returns.  Disclaimer- may cause motion sickness?  Steve said it seems like he was traveling through the atmospheres of Jupiter.  What an imagination.

13 thoughts on “Liberty Tunnel Odyssey 2011

  1. Thanks for adding Steve’s comment. It predisposed me to have a different focus and experience. I get it- space / time warp.


  2. ” … one of our tunnels.” Considering how rare tunnels are in other parts of the country, your having more than one is remarkable. Thanks for taking us for a ride.


  3. What a fun idea! I loved the ride! We visited Pittsburgh 5 years ago – attended the National Genealogical Convention. Didn’t see much of the city since we were so busy, but did enjoy a dinner cruise on the river! We would love to visit again.


  4. That’s pretty cool – thought it looked to me like you were driving on the “wrong” side of the road… so I watched with a sense of anxiety. Interesting to observe that ….


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