Anxiety? Knit a Hat

Less than a week to the wedding
Woke up feeling anxious- that free floating type- some situational also.
So instead of doing everything I needed to do, I knit a hat Sunday morning. It was a total knit knit knit so could really relax.

Am also testing the blogging from the phone…thanks for bearing with me. Seeing if I can photograph and write and upload with success. I see I posted an empty post a few minutes ago.

Molly gave me one ball of Noro yarn ( Iro, the bulky one) and it made a great hat which I wore most of the afternoon.

just checked the post and see that the photo is upside down.  Back to the drawing board on the blogging from a phone.  Maybe it is trial and error?  Or a tutorial in my near future.


15 thoughts on “Anxiety? Knit a Hat

  1. That yarn is beautiful, no matter how you look at it, and I’m very impressed you made a hat in a morning. I’m lucky to make coffee some mornings. You’ve got quite a week ahead but I bet the wedding will come off even better than any of you have imagined. No doubt about it!

  2. Love Laura’s comment! Beautiful yarn, makes the hat look like a fall flower! XOXOXOX

  3. Do not mind the upside down photo. The colors are lovely. So interesting that you knitted from widest outside brim to inside. When I crochet the same type of hat I start at the center inside. My finishing work is more difficult though. God bless.

  4. oh, knitting… it used to be one of my favourite calming activities… I shall start it again… just I need my mum to put the first line on for me… and she’s far away. Can matthew knit? Maybe he inherited you talents 🙂
    All my best to one of the best mom/photographers/bloggers,
    love from zagreb

    • Mrs Ruth, have you ever heard about knitting guerrilla? The girls make some beautiful actions in public spaces, check it out on the net 🙂

  5. Ruth – You are a woman of many talents. I too find knitting to be very calming. Would greatly appreciate it if you would share the hat pattern–it’s lovely. As for the wedding references–I am assuming Laura is getting married. Congratulations to all!

  6. Knitting induces anxiety in me – crochet is more my thing. I’ve been told whatever method a person learned first, they claim it’s the easier one of the two… 😉

    I agree with other commenters – the yarn looks beautiful! You make a lovely hat.

    • Blogging from the phone has proved to be a challenge where the photos are concerned. Thanks for stopping by and writing today.

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