777th POST and Local Man Discovers New Use for Plastic Newspaper Sleeve-

Okay first things first.  Cookie Table preparations are in full swing as you know. The pignoli/almond paste cookies are baked and are they ever tasty. There weren’t any real rejects so a fully formed cookie had to be eaten! And the Split Second cookies with Bonne Maman Apricot Preserves  and Schwartau Raspberry Jam inside.  I overbaked a batch of those last night so baked a do-over today!  The baking is complete. Three friends brought up cookies tonight.Another friend made her grandmother’s fudge. Pittsburghers bake their hearts out at wedding time!

and now for something completely different…………….

Scroll down for the photos of Local Man Discovering a New Use for the Plastic Newspaper SleeveIn addition to the usual canine clean up capture, my neighbor showed me a new use for the plastic sleeve that covers his newspaper. You know the slim bags, sometimes a color like green or pink or blue,  that thing that keeps your morning paper dry! Well, how about protecting your tie?

His demonstration of an alternate use for the plastic sleeve made me laugh out loud.  And if  you want to learn all about how he and his dog were featured testing the Thundershirt and were interviewed by local TV channel(seriously, if you are a dog owner you might need one of these if your dog is afraid of thunderstorms) The little video clip is here.

And being a great neighbor and friend he picked up Matthew from the MEGABUS this afternoon when I was still at school.  When I went to get Matthew, I interrupted a Ukelele impromptu lesson on the  12 fret blues or something close to that.

25 thoughts on “777th POST and Local Man Discovers New Use for Plastic Newspaper Sleeve-

  1. The cookie thing is big in Pittsburgh because of a large Italian population?
    Cookie were in NYS where lived with my Italian friends.

  2. Tell your neighbour he looks very smart in his plastic tie-protector, unfortunately we don’t get them in the UK. Our Newspapers are pushed through the letterbox in our front door.

    As an afterthought, has your neighbour thought about using a knife and fork, I find I can usually locate my mouth easier than just using my hands!!


  3. I never did know what to do with the plastic sleeves. Maybe I’ll bring one to the wedding and sneak a few cookies. Just kidding.

  4. I saw the title of this post and started chuckling even before I got to your blog. You can imagine my surprise then, when the first things I saw were your pignoli cookies. I do not even have a good Italian bakery around here to buy some. (The only good bakery near here closed during the Summer.) I need to find out who got Mom’s pignoli cookie recipe. As Lidia Bastianich is my witness, I shall never go pignoli cookie-less again!

    • When you find your mother’s recipe, would you let me know if it has flour in it or not?
      I read so many recipes but wish I had one that was tried and true. These pignoli cookies are good but not as chewy as I thought. I am hoping they age well as we are serving Saturday. My son who came in from Croatia jumped out of the car and grabbed a fistful of the poorly named Fruit and Nut Biscotti to go with our purchased coffee on the way out to Ohio this morning. I said to take just a handful but he has big hands and I think there were close to a dozen!

  5. Ruth – send a few pignoli cookes to ChgoJohn. That tie protector made me laugh out loud in my little grey cubicle! Tell him to patent that before someone else gets the credit!

    • So glad you thought it funny. It amused me. I seriously laughed out loud which is such a great feeling. Lots to be happy about this weekend. Wish you were here to critique the cookies.

    • Thanks for the good wishes. The excitement level is high. We are watching late night TV, my brother, sister and I, and munching on a few test biscotti and some dried Jazz apples David brought in from WA.

    • Cookie tables are big in Pittsburgh. We are bringing the tradition to Columbus OHIO this weekend, in a big way! Thanks for your nice comment today.

  6. The split second cookies look great! Are you willing to share the recipe?

    I, too, can attest to the genuine power of a Thundershirt for dogs. Our pup really benefitted from it.

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