Mona Lisa Lying Down on her Side in Short North Alley

Friday afternoon we (guests from Florida) and my brother and sister,  explored the neighborhood of Short North after we ate lunch in  German Village. When asked what we should be sure to see, a woman recommended this painting of Mona Lisa. (painted by artist Brian Clemons)  We had fun trying to find it, asking several residents where she was……uh, oh, yes, I know I have seen her….not far….hmmmmmm

A short diversion from the task at hand . We had coffee at Cup of Joe afterwards.

All set for the wedding on Saturday afternoon.

13 thoughts on “Mona Lisa Lying Down on her Side in Short North Alley

  1. Looks like you all are starting to have some fun this weekend. Wish we could be there. Enjoy this special time. We will be thinking of all of you.

  2. Just amazing. Is this in Pittsburgh? The sun is shining bright here today as I hope it is in Columbus. Have a wonderful wedding day!

  3. Ruth this is really cool. As usual I am playing catch-up with the blog, but I have an excuse this time. Seems that I was at this wedding… how lucky can I get to experience two beautiful things in one weekend. Everything was beautiful, thank you for including me at your celebration.

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