What Exactly is an Informal School?

My sister read the sign on the building as we were driving back and forth from La’s and James’ home. Next time she handed me the camera and I pulled over and shot the facade.  I went to read about what it meant by informal school.  The building reminds me of growing up. Someone has restored the building for sure.  Click Here for info about the school.

9 thoughts on “What Exactly is an Informal School?

  1. Love the building….looks like the old Catholic schools in Leavenworth.
    I think I would love this school and their curriculum….I have always
    thought that schools “test” too much and so much of the homework
    is busy work. It seems, in some schools, that we set students up to
    fail rather than teach them. I love the idea of working in groups
    and doing homework together. This school seems committed to
    educating students and not test them into oblivion.

  2. An “informal” school? I’ve never heard one. Maybe one of your illustrious commenters will shed some light on it.

    BTW, Ruth, I’ve had no luck finding the pignoli cookie recipe. I’ve not checked with everyone yet but I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you… 🙂

  3. Ruth the wedding pictures were beautiful. Glad you got home safe and sound. Hmmm “Informal School”… sound like a job opportunity to me : )

  4. It sounds like a fantastic curriculum. I grew up (2nd-6th grade) in a school similar in both academic structure and physical one. Good memories.

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