Pittsburgh jazz scene alive and well at CJ’s in the Strip

My Funny Valentine expertly played by Sean Jones on trumpet- we stopped in for about twenty minutes as we headed to megabus. Matthew was here for about ten hours.
Jazz starts at 8 on Thursdays Check out http://www.cjsinthestrip.com and to listen go to http://www.rogerhumphries.com


10 thoughts on “Pittsburgh jazz scene alive and well at CJ’s in the Strip

  1. A night spent listening to jazz is a great way to spend an evening. Too bad you had to leave after only 20 minutes. I guess you’ll just have to go back. 🙂


    • We were there for one song- Funny Valentine. But what a rendition.
      You are exactly right about having to go back. Being in CJ’s is like traveling back in time a few decades.


  2. There is a long deep history of jazz in Pittsburgh. Most of the greats came by to play at the Crawford Grill up in the hill.


  3. Great photo, Ruth. I’ve spent a number of Thursdays at CJ’s soaking up the great music of Pittsburgh’s amazing jazz scene. If you’ve never been, you should go! The musicians are the best in town — which means they are some of the best anywhere!


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