Holiday Spirit on Not My House

Not a sprig of evergreen or a single bulb at my house. Not an angel or a garland or candy cane.

And then I drive by this place!  WHOA.

Serious decorations.  I wonder where they store them the other eleven months.  The traffic must stop as gawkers drive by.  Like me.

By a friend’s special request, the first holiday house spotted and captured at night. Last year, or maybe it was the year before,  I used to drive around and shoot inflatable turkeys and then Santas on rooftops and even an inflatable nativity scene and when I got out of the car I could hear the air blowing.   Somehow I lost interest in this subject matter.  On the way to Virginia, one lawn had 37 inflatables the inhabitants told me.  After that spotting, I just didn’t feel moved to try and capture the blowing hot air filling the bright, colored cloth. Everyone had them on their lawn or so it seemed. I stopped saying, “Holy Cow, I can’t believe that display!” and raise my camera to shoot.

It’s not that I am Scroogella or anything. I enjoy other people’s efforts to brighten the darkness (and sunset comes before 5PM these days), I just got out of the “seeing” the decorations and photographing them. .

But I’m back- what else could I do?  This scene could not be ignored.

These  lights demanded my attention and capture.

Discovered because I went to a CD release party in Regent Square. Who knew it was waiting around the corner?

But then

17 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit on Not My House

  1. I’m not a huge fan of inflatables or other things like that, but I do appreciate the “PEACE” sign over the doorway. 🙂

  2. One of my favorite things my mother used to love to do at this time of the year was load us all up in the station wagon and drive around the neighborhoods and look at the lights people had set up. Didn’t cost anything, none of us brought along electronic gadgets, and it was beautiful.

  3. Beautiful image. The festive lights just giving everyone the sign of celebration, joy, hope, peace and all those colors of life.

  4. You don’t see a many homes in Chi-town done up like this one. Sure, you may find one but they’re pretty rare. The burbs, though, are a different story and it looks like some blocks are filled with home owners trying to outdo each other. Merry Christmas?

  5. OMG! I am no scrooge either and I love Christmas…OK maybe love is a strong word. But I do love it when I see my Grandchildren’s faces, that’s who it all for really, the children. I used to get so excited when my three boys were all little, we have such great memories, and videos of course.

    I like to see t pretty string of ‘Fairy Lights’ around a house and maybe a Santa Clause, and there are a few that my neighbours have put up which are pretty and tasteful. But what about the environment? The carbon footprint? The Greenhouse Gasses? That old St Nicholas has a lot to answer for. :-0)

  6. You captured it beautifully Ruth! Even though I couldn’t afford their electric bill, I certainly have to admire their Christmas spirit. That is one wonderful Christmas light display.

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