Cantilevered House,View 2, Friday on the Way to School

You saw my photo through the foggy school bus windshield.  Friday morning there was a train going by as I shot this but the cars were flat.  Couldn’t wait for that to change. It was a nice touch, to hear it speeding by on the track above.

I shot this outside the window, not through it and since I was the driver this time, I pulled to the side of the road.  Not a lot of time to experiment or revise on the way to school and no time to get out of the car.  Oh yes, iPhone camera not regular camera.

You read about this home in the New York Times last week.  If you wish to compare the shot from my previous post it is here.

It’s a cool view to see every morning. I watched them build it but didn’t document it. Too bad. One for the regret category.  Since most blog readers are out of town and can’t swing by to see this more clearly and are relying on my view, I wanted to show this unusual home in a nice light. And the school bus was parked.

Morning sun instead of rain and fog, clears up the view.

9 thoughts on “Cantilevered House,View 2, Friday on the Way to School

  1. Granted, the Times picture showed much more of the house but your photo, Ruth, really shows how impressive that cantilevered section is. It really is stunning to see from “here.”

  2. PPG last Sat (18th) this house, story and photos, was the Home and Garden feature Section D. Written by Marylynne Pitz, incase anyone wants to check it out. I think the NYT and Ruth Hendricks got the scoop!! 🙂

  3. I love your shot, Ruth. It captures the elegance of the modern house and the traditional church in the distance contextualized in the grittier urban scene of RR; in other words you captured the essence of the house for me. Thanks

  4. It still makes my stomach flip to think of living in that place!! Loved you photo. Thanks so much for clueing me into this awesome place in Pgh!

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