Barred Owl – Niceville Florida- Guest Post

from my friend Shuey in Niceville,  Florida.  He emailed this photo to me and I asked if I he’d allow me to post it and he said yes!  I thought it was exceptionally cool to see an owl closeup.  The site he sent said  ” sometimes the Barred Owl sounds crazed”

Nice shot and thanks for guest blogging!

“This was my 3rd try at getting some pics of one of our neighbors – a  Barred Owl.  It’s half of a nesting pair who live in the woods behind our house and this one likes to rest in some trees next to our house in mid to late afternoon on nice days.  They can be heard in the mornings, about an hour before dawn hooting behind the house.  The first time I heard them I thought they were dogs and another time I heard a commotion and think it may have gotten a small cat . . . hopefully not someone’s pet.

It was very tolerant today and let me move around below him for quite a while before moving off to another nearby tree.  This is their nesting season and hopefully I’ll be able to see some young owls in early April.

If you want to hear one, go to this site, and scroll down to the Barred Owl, then click  on the arrow in the center of the video picture.

29 thoughts on “Barred Owl – Niceville Florida- Guest Post

  1. I have a terrifically difficult time getting good images of birds. Look at this one. She (he) is looking right into your lens. Her feathers are in sharp focus. Good job! If you don’t mind sharing, what lens, ISO, shutter speed, f/stop?

  2. This is stunning, a beautiful well focused photo. I am so glad your friend was patient in getting it. Well worth the effort.


  3. I had no idea what a barred owl was, I thought it was a really bad bird, who is not allowed into your garden or something 🙂 (that was a really bad joke:)

    Seriously, great pic. Long lens?

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments . . . very flattering and much appreciated. My special thanks go to our good friend Ruth who takes great pictures EVERY day, day after day to share with us. Thank you to all the posters for your kind words of appreciation for my ONE good picture!

    Mona, it’s fortunate for me that technology has finally reached a level that allows us to concentrate on what we want to shoot instead of how to shoot it. I’ve left many years of the detail of film shooting (iso, f-stops, film brand, focal length, etc.) behind to embrace the magic of the digital age.

    I used the CoolPix L120 set on “Easy Auto Mode.” The camera’s great 4-way Vibration Reduction capabilities kept everything in sharp focus. The camera has a 21x Wide Optical Zoom VR lens; 4.5-94.5mm at 1:31-5.8. After slowly stepping closer and closer to the owl, I zoomed in to fill the view screen, then extended my arms to get another 2 feet or so closer and clicked the shutter, and clicked the shutter, and . . . I moved around circling the owl, clicking away about 70 times. Out of the 70 shots taken, only 2 were slightly blurred and I’ve kept 8. Unlike the “old” days when film and development were sunk costs just to see what you had to work with, now, we can see what we have in an instant and with expeditious use of the “delete” key . . . I’m at least a fair photographer; not a single bad photograph to be seen! LOL


  5. Photo make me feel as if the Owl and I could start up a conversation! A real and serious one …… what a hoot or whoot??? [ teehee ] wonderful photo!!!!

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