New York Public Library Interior- Library Lions Patience and Fortitude in LEGO®

No conversation. No exchange.  Just a quick shot in low light to capture the architecture, the lines and curves, the grand feel of it all.

The New York Public Library.

Grainy and bit soft on the focus but all the angles and shapes and lines are subtly defined.  We went through the Shelley’s Ghost Exhibition and climbed staircases, looked down from the mezzanine into the entrance way.  Saw a photography exhibit and at the entrance way Patience and Fortitude the Library Lions in LEGO®.  What are the rules of interior photography, what are you allowed to take? There are places where it is clear- No Photography.  Tough to monitor people and their cell phone shots.  I did not photograph where it said not to.

25 thoughts on “New York Public Library Interior- Library Lions Patience and Fortitude in LEGO®

  1. Someone’s enjoying her Spring break in New York. Good for you, Ruth. And I don’t know which is more impressive: the woman’s do or its shade of red.

  2. It can be frustrating when you can’t take photos but no doubt they have their reasons – like they want you to buy postcards! what wonderful lions!

  3. Laura’s right. She looks like a movie character. Futuristic science fiction or a fairy tale. Love the Legos!

  4. Love the lion in legos. The first picture is priceless. When I am in a place with no sign posted I always ask can I take pictures and if there are people in the photo I also ask them as well.


  5. Patience and Fortitude …. want to find out who created the outside Lions and how they were named!!! Do you know?
    Trying to imagine a name for the desk directress!!! I bet she needs patience and fortitude in that job – maybe her “presentation” gets her a cautious approach … nothing casual about her!!! Thanks for the BrickArtist info!

  6. The woman in the first photo is priceless! Love the LEGO® Lions. I’ve seen people whip out their cell phone, take a photo in a ‘No Photography’ zone and then quickly conceal the evidence. It’s a little like watching a magician perform a slight of hand trick.

  7. Ah! My goodness. What beautiful photographs! I especially love the top shot. Gorgeous! (What a great hairdo, to boot.) The New York Public Library is one of my favorite spots on earth. Did you make it to the gift shop?! Theadora

  8. Ruth, Congrats to artist for excellent lions. And you too. I like the way you subtly put the first image in and said nothing…priceless.

  9. Legoland has a theme park here in Carlsbad. It’s amazing what they can make out of Legos. And to think I was a proud little boy when I could stick two or three of them together to make a little bridge. lol

  10. My sister and I tried to visit the library when we were in NYC (several years ago now), and it was closed! 10 am on a Friday – I couldn’t believe it.

  11. These are lovely. The artist must have amazing spatial awareness skills. I’m glad you respected the no photography rules. It is so distracting when people’s phones and cameras are flashing all the time, or when pele stop to pose beside something and expect very one else to wait. For most, the official photos, taken in an empty building are better.

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