What I Found on the Sidewalk by School

I walked on by-

nearly passed it up-

even thought it caught my eye.

It’s a rush and a hike between schools.

Time’s always short.

But after I stepped past, I turned around

got down on one knee and shot this little gift

to me- hard boiled yolk, a bit dried,

rolled in sandy crumbs,

abandoned on a sidewalk, fell from a lunch bag

or on the way to the nearby dumpster, missed.

Easter is over.

Didn’t make it to the egg salad bowl.

I drove by after school, to see if it was smashed

maybe rolled an inch, more dry, but still there

all those hours later, just not in as good a light!

10 thoughts on “What I Found on the Sidewalk by School

  1. I think it is amazing that there (looks like) a little Jade plant growing among all that muck.
    I would have dug it up and taken it home for sure!

  2. Rejected by a child, left aside to its fate while the outer package gets all the attention. So typical.

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