Steel Making- Braddock PA

Edgar Thomson Plant  United States Steel    Mon Valley Works in Braddock, PA Shot less than two weeks ago

How does color or lack of it affect a photograph? What about cropping?

The five photos below are all from one master image.

Discovered the folklore of Joe Magarac, a legendary steel worker from Croatia  tried to find online if that statue of a steelworker is supposed to be legendary Joe Magarac. Check out the article Folklore or Fakelore?

And I found a cool driving tour of the mills video from 1988

or see the Steel making process in this video

8 thoughts on “Steel Making- Braddock PA

  1. I like this series of photos. The steel statue in closeup black and white is a favoriate. I also took a picture of this statue and never thought to convert to black and white. You always give me so many good ideas.


  2. This is neat, Ruth. Will forward to my friend Pat in Braddock. Maybe she will know if the statue is Joe Magarac???

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