9 thoughts on “A Day to Remember

  1. With each flag a symbol for a war , the presentation is more poignant. Bill served 24 years in the USMC and twice went to Vietnam…in this family those who serve can never forgotten….

  2. A very moving, impactful, somber, and respectful display. Here’s to remembering what the day really is all about – and the commitment to peace instead of war.

  3. What a tribute to all those lost in all the wars fighting for our freedom. How do you thank someone who dies so that you can have all the things that mean so much, especially people – friends, relatives, kinfolk. You have to believe that it’s all for a good reason, but tell that to a wife who has just lost her husband, a mother who has lost her son, and a child who has lost his mother or father. On this Memorial Day, please don’t forget!

  4. Picture of many thoughts and words. Bless all that have died for us. A life is such a precious gift to unselfishly leave to chance.

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