Swim Coach Clay Saves the Day

After the Dive Championships at Worthington Hills Club in Ohio, we were waiting around for the results and awards presentation.  Jack McG (5) threw his favorite Woody (Toy Story) t-shirt up into the air.

A gust of wind caught the shirt’s billow and sailed it up onto the Pool Clubhouse roof.  Uh-oh.

Jack’s face would have made a good photograph but I’m not that fast.  He didn’t expect the shirt to disappear on the roof.

This kind man, who happens to be a coach of the Penguins of New Albany, came over and pulled over a stool AND a big golf umbrella, climbed up onto the stool and retrieved the favorite shirt, snagged it and flew it down to Jack.  What a nice guy.

By that time I had the camera to my eye, shot this image and then asked if it would be okay to blog him and he graciously agreed.  Thanks,  Coach. Good sportsmanlike conduct, eh?

7 thoughts on “Swim Coach Clay Saves the Day

  1. It’s a guy thing, Ruth, that special bond between a man and his t-shirt. Seinfeld even had a story line in which his t-shirt, “Golden Boy”, “died” and was replaced by “Baby Blue.” The Coach saw the look on Jack’s face and realized it was THE shirt. He had little choice but to retrieve it.

  2. Wonderful acts of kindness never cease to amaze me! Ruth, I love the way you always have your camera at the ready! Have a Happy Friday the 13th!

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