Lone Protestor on a Rainy Saturday Afternoon

Definition from Free Dictionary

pro·test v.



1. To object to, especially in a formal statement.
2. To promise or affirm with earnest solemnity\
3. Law To declare (a bill) dishonored or refused.
4. Archaic To proclaim or make known


1. To express strong objection.
2. To make an earnest avowal or affirmation.


1. A formal declaration of disapproval or objection issued by a concerned person, group, or organization.

2. An individual or collective gesture or display of disapproval.

As I sat at the light at the corner of Penn Avenue and Highland,  I heard a couple of horns blowing and I thought, huh?   I’d run to the bank and the store.

And then the light turned from red to green, I had to keep moving so there was no chance for a closer shot.

Then I noticed the lone protestor in the rain.  His placard said-  Honk Stop U.S. War ( and something else at the bottom but couldn’t decipher in the rush)

He was putting up an umbrella.  No time to get out my good camera.  The phone was charging in the console and I lifted it and took one frame.  Had to drive.

There was something stark and incredibly poignant about this solitary figure standing in the rain with his sign.  I wondered if he had a family member in the service, somewhere in harms way. Wants them home. I was still thinking about him today.

Just this week I’d talked to the classes about the purposes of photography.  Today my purpose is to document. Document what I witnessed.  A man whose convictions and beliefs are so strong that discomfort and getting rained upon did not deter his effort.

People think one person can’t be effective in doing anything to create change.

Maybe so, but it doesn’t stop this man from trying, standing up for what he believes “with earnest solemnity”

9 thoughts on “Lone Protestor on a Rainy Saturday Afternoon

  1. That’s dedication. He probably got more attention, caused more contemplation, on that one rainy afternoon than he ever got during a week of sunny days.

  2. I bet he appreciates those honks on a rainy day. Probably thinking if only one person is affected, it’s worth it. Nice shot. Nice post.


  3. That’s dedication. Reminds me of a guy here who waves signs for a living. When he’s not on a gig, he’s promoting himself by waving a sign advertising himself. He does it no matter the weather. Adding to the challenge, the heat down here and the guy’s size. Not trying to be mean, just emphasizing how committed he is!

  4. Ruth — I agree completely with your comment that there is something stark and incredibly poignant about this solitary figure standing in the rain with his sign. A very thought-provoking shot. Thanks.

  5. There are 3-5 older men and women (in their 60s or so) who stand at one of the street corners in my neighborhood every Thursday afternoon from 4-7 pm, peacefully protesting war. They make my heart smile every time I see them (or think about them).

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