I Swear This ’57 Chevy Has a Face

(At least I think it’s a 1957 from the images I could find on google.  

If you think I’m wrong, let me know)

You can see why they made the Pixar movie CARS.  Two eyes and a nose and a mouth are perfect and lend themselves to being humanized, animated and given the ability to talk.

Just in case you need a little something to keep you busy on weekends.

It’s only a mile from my house and I keep seeing her look at me when I drive by.  Cars are female, right? Like boats?   (Except in the movie CARS there are a lot of guy cars)     But do you still  hear comments like, “She’s a real beaut!” or ” I got her up about seventy on the straightaway.”   when referring to a car.  How did boats and cars get designated female  and is that something old fashioned that is totally out of style?  Here’s some debate I was able to find on the subject at English Forums.


11 thoughts on “I Swear This ’57 Chevy Has a Face

  1. I find faces in almost everything. At least this car’s face is more friendly than the faces of those HUGE trucks I see on the roads in America. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe someone hasn’t bought it. How could one say no to that cute face.

  3. We had a black and white one just like that when I was growing up — lots of good times with my mom, dad and 2 older brothers!

  4. Your title caught my interest because, when I was a child in the 50s, I “knew” that the cars had faces and that they looked like their owners.

  5. I see faces in everything (http://smilekiddo.wordpress.com/2011/07/07/more-monsters/) – it’s nice to have some company in this domain. 🙂

    In French (and many other languages), things are given an article that denotes gender; cars and boats are given the feminine article (“la”, versus the male “le”) – so perhaps this is why in English we still sometimes give things a gender versus calling them “it”.

    • You are right about that and I don’t even care for that movie, One follower wrote o ask about you and your missing presence on the blog! Thought you would appreciate that you have comment followers.
      Glad you are back. Bet you filled that freezer with delicious treasure.

    • Yes he saw the pic but didn’t buy the car. They are on their way to Tennessee as his older brother Joe passed away yesterday. THey had just been with him a week ago on a visit.

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